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A recently installed irrigation system watering our clients lawn that is located in Allentown, PA.

Additional Lawn & Landscape Services In Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, PA & Nearby Areas

Ensure the property of your business looks well-cared for with our additional service offerings, such as irrigation installation/repair, land clearing, and more.

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We provide additional services for commercial clients in Allentown, Bethlehem, and the surrounding Pennsylvania areas such as Easton.

Land clearing, tree services and installation/repair of irrigation systems are additional services we provide.

On top of our excellent lawn care and maintenance services, our landscape professionals offer a host of additional services to ensure that your business has a clean, well-cared-for look. Even with regular mowing and trimming, other needs arise that can become problematic if overlooked.

At Elegant Lawn Care Inc., we manage irrigation installation/repair, complete tree services, and land clearing in Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and other service areas in Pennsylvania.

Commercial Irrigation Services Include Startup, Winterization, Design & Install, Maintenance & Repair

Irrigation of a commercial property in Easton, PA.

Proper watering is critical to healthy plant life. Irrigation systems that have been neglected can lead to improper water coverage, overwatering, and run-off—all of which can result in brown patches, wilted leaves, plant death, water waste, and more.

Our full-service irrigation work includes:

  • Design & Install - Our experienced professionals know how to design proper zones and calibrate sprinkler heads for precise coverage. We design and install efficient systems with durable equipment to take the worry and hassle of watering out of the equation.
  • Maintenance & Repairs - Sprinkler heads can sustain damage, pipes can clog, and timer systems can fail. Our team knows how to repair all parts of your system to ensure proper watering and prevent water waste.
  • Startups & Winterization - At the beginning of the growing season, your equipment will need to be opened and tested for proper functionality. Prior to the freezing winter temperatures, your lines will need to be cleared to avoid pipe damage. Our professionals perform both services at the appropriate times to minimize repair costs.

We Provide Tree Service for Commercial Clients, Including Large Tree Removal, Trimming, & Stump Grinding

The last thing any business owner would want to experience is the injury of a customer or employee due to a fallen branch. Trees often shed unneeded or diseased branches, which lead to insect/decay problems at best, and injuries at worst.

We provide the following tree services for commercial clients through the area of Bethlehem, Allentown, and Easton:

  • Tree Removal - Safe, efficient removal of trees, including larger trees. Often used to free up space or clear areas on the property. Older, diseased trees are removed for safety reasons, or to prevent damage to structures and parking areas.
  • Tree Trimming - Our experts can spot diseased branches that may be at risk of falling. Fallen branches are a haven for insects, which often spread to nearby plants causing damage. Healthy branches are also removed to prevent interference with buildings, entryways, windows, and parking areas.
  • Stump Grinding - Once a tree has been removed, a large stump will often remain. Stumps are a breeding ground for insects and vermin and also present a tripping hazard. We bring in heavy equipment to grind stumps down to just a few inches below the surfaces, increasing safety for clients and co-workers. The area is then filled with nearby soil, which allows the area to regrow.

Professional Land Clearing For Commercial Properties Includes Brush Hogging, Field Mowing, Grading, Leveling & More

Field mowing at a commercial property in Allentown, PA.

Our trained, experienced crew brings in heavy equipment for land clearing needs across the region. We can fully clear land with dozers and excavators, cut through heavy brush and provide leveling and grading services.

Here is a rundown of what we provide:

  • Brush Hogging / Field Mowing - Using tractors with heavy-duty brush hog attachments or walk-behind equipment, our crew can clear overgrown brush areas to free space up for regular use. We can also mow and clear large fields on commercial properties.
  • Grading / Leveling - Once cleared, we can apply precision land grading for drainage and other needs. We can also level areas to make them suitable for multiple uses, including parking, construction, or other needs.
  • Full-Service Land Clearing - Our certified operators provide full-service land clearing using excavators, dozers, and other equipment. We can start from the ground up to make your land suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Additional Land Clearing Services - We also clear small brush, haul-off dumpsters, and excavation services.

Call today to schedule land clearing, irrigation, or tree services for your commercial property.

At Elegant Lawn Care Inc., we truly are a full-service property management provider. If you have a parcel that is in need of land clearing, irrigation, or tree services—small or large—we’ve got the gear and experience to get the job done. We proudly serve communities in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, PA. Give us a call at (610) 759-0000 today!

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