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Large apartment complex with professionally trimmed shrubs, trees and grass that is regularly maintained by our team.

Property Maintenance In Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, PA & Nearby Areas

Your commercial property will receive fertilization and weed control, aeration, mowing, and more with our scheduled property maintenance services.

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We offer exterior property maintenance for commercial clients in and around Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton.

We ensure a solid first impression from your customers with services that include lawn care, lawn maintenance, and scheduled cleanups.

Many potential customers view the exterior of a business as a representation of how things are run on the inside. If landscaping is disheveled, grass overgrown, and curb lines aren’t neat and straight, they may choose to pass you by. Our crews handle commercial lawn care, lawn maintenance, scheduled cleanups, and more!

At Elegant Lawn Care Inc., we ensure a solid first impression with neatly groomed landscaping and healthy plants in Allentown, and additional service areas such as Bethlehem and Easton, PA.

Large lawn in front of a apartment building that we mow on a regular basis in Bethlehem.

Proactive Commercial Lawn Care Service Includes Fertilization, Weed Control, Aeration, & More

The process of maintaining a clean-looking commercial property starts with quality lawn care. Proactive lawn care services are critical to the healthy appearance many businesses are after.

Our experienced team provides the following lawn care services to ensure an aesthetically pleasing result:

  • Fertilization - Our two, four, or five step program gives grass, bushes, and shrubs the fuel they need to grow strong and last. Well-fed plants stand a better chance when battling for space against weeds and resisting insect and plant disease.
  • Weed Control - Landscape beds and grass will be treated for pre- and post-emergent weeds, which are unsightly and cause damage. Weed species in our part of Pennsylvania take up valuable “real estate” in the soil, depleting the root systems of plants and grass.
  • Insect Control - Pesticides are applied to prevent infestations and damage to plant life. Our crew can spot insect damage and treat it appropriately.
  • Lawn Disease & Fungus Control - Our pros can spot the signs of plant disease before it becomes unmanageable. We know how to identify and treat a number of damaging plant diseases and fungi that can spread to other plants and eventually lead to their death.
  • Aeration & Overseeding - When grass is in need of replenishing, we bring in power lawn aerators to till the soil and punch holes for important air, water, light, and nutrient flow. Aeration is usually accompanied by overseeding (spreading grass seeds over an existing lawn). The result is the return of a full, lush lawn with channels that allow proper germination and growth.
  • Slit-Seeding & Hydroseeding - For a fresh start on a healthy lawn, we offer highly effective slit-seeding services, which involves machine-cut holes with grass seeds deposited into them. For larger areas, we provide hydroseeding services, which involves a pressurized slurry of grass seeds, fertilizer, mulch, and tacking agent sprayed through hoses to create new grassy areas in as quickly as one two weeks.

Scheduled Mowing, Trimming, Weeding, & Mulch Installation Services Are Offered During The Growing Season

A large commercial property that we regularly maintain and just laid fresh mulch.

Your business will need scheduled lawn maintenance during the growing season in areas of Pennsylvania such as Easton, Allentown, and Bethlehem, which typically spans from April to October.

Our team offers the following services:

  • Mowing
  • String-Trimming
  • Landscape Bed Weeding (spray and pull)
  • Edging
  • Blowing
  • Leaf Removal (blown to curb, sucked into vacuum truck for hauling)

We also trim and prune your bushes, trees, and shrubs:

  • Trimming - Keeps the desired shape and size to maintain a neat, clean look.
  • Pruning - Pruning is done to prevent plant disease and overgrown branches from dominating and blocking air flow to the center of the plant. Proactive pruning keeps rogue branches from damaging buildings and fences by guiding them as they grow into maturity.

When it comes to mulching, we mulch by hand or utilize mulch blowers for maximum coverage. We typically provide:

  • Black & Brown Double-Ground Hardwood Mulch
  • Brown River Rock
  • Red Stone Rock

Mulch and rock installation services insulate soil during freezing weather, help prevent soil erosion, and fill in gaps in landscaped areas for a nicer look.

We Provide Spring & Fall Cleanups, Which Include Pressure Washing, Annual Color, Landscape Bed Reshaping, & More

The best way to keep the exterior of your commercial property looking tidy and neat is by calling in our team for spring and fall cleanups.

Our cleanups include:

  • Mowing, String-Trimming, Edging, Blowing
  • Trimming of Landscape Plants, Weeding/Reshaping Beds
  • Mulch/Rock Refreshing
  • Fertilizer & Weed Control Treatment
  • Planting Annual Flowers (petunias, impatiens, geraniums, marigolds, and more)
  • Debris Cleanup
  • Pressure Washing (sidewalks, facades, and more)

Call today to schedule a consultation for commercial property management services!

At Elegant Lawn Care Inc., we have the experience and equipment to keep the exterior of your business in excellent shape. Call (610) 759-0000 today to schedule a consultation or to inquire about our commercial property services. We serve commercial clients throughout the Nazareth, PA region, including Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, and additional service areas.

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